The story behind the t-shirt

The female figure, that is also the signature in my works, is strongly connected to the beginning of my artistic activities. 

My wife Helga had the idea of the figure when she looked at my first work. At the beginning the figure was kind of a storyteller in my works. Now she is part of my signature and is already a renowned trademark worldwide. The figure reminds me of the beginning of my career and is now a fixed, emotional part when finishing a new work. 

The colors yellow, red, blue as well as black and white represent the basic colors, which allow to mix any desired colors – my base to give every work the power of light but also darkness, to create something unique. 

The female figure is now available in 2 different t-shirt designs: 

You can purchase the t-shirts in the online-shop of my colleague Daniel Knopfhart. You will find further information about the idea behind the t-shirts as well as details about the production of the shirt in the shop.